Questions To Ask Before Buying A Bulldog Puppy.

The following are questions to ask the breeder, before buying a Bulldog puppy. (Examine closely the Breeders Code of Ethics when considering what answers you should get to these questions.) A responsible breeder should be ecstatic to find a buyer so aware of such issues. Remember, not only does the breeder have to pass a test for you, You must pass a test for the breeder. A good breeder does not sell their pups to just anyone!

  1. Are your puppies AKC registered? ( Be aware that is it very difficult to register puppies imported into the USA from foreign countries because AKC requires that the sire and the dam be AKC registered.)

  2. Do you have the Litter Registration Forms now? Can I take the form with me when I get the puppy? (It is better to take the form when you purchase the puppy.

  3. How long have you been breeding Bulldogs? (If only a short period of time, then who is your mentor?)

  4. How many litters have you raised?

  5. How many litters has this bitch produced?

  6. Are the sire or dam on your premises for me to see? Or can you show me pictures of them?
    (Note that often only the dam is owned by the breeder. The sire is often owned by someone else.)

  7. Are you a member of The Bulldog Club of America? Are you a member of a local Bulldog club?

  8. What food are you feeding the pups and the parents?

  9. Do you have a sales contract? May I see a copy?

  10. What type of health guarantee do you offer?

  11. Do you provide some type of "Care Package of Instructions", to help me care for my new puppy?

  12. Do you have a record of the shots, med's, Vet treatments, etc. that the pups have had .... and will I get a copy?

  13. Do you show your dogs?

  14. Do you have your pups and dogs micro-chipped, tatooed, or DNA registered?

  15. Have your pups been checked for Entropion?

  16. Do you have a 4 or 5 generation Pedigree available to give the buyers when the dog is purchased and for them to examine before the dog is purchased?

  17. Note: If you the buyer cannot travel to the location of the litter and inspect the premises, ask for references that you can contact regarding the breeder.

These questions were compiled by Nancy Harrison of La-Nan-Dors Bulldogs

About Nancy Harrison:
Nancy Harrison is a breeder, exhibitor, and A.K.C. approved Judge of Bulldogs. She has over 30 years experience with Bulldogs and has worked to make a valuable contribution to improving the lineage and health of the Bulldog.


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